Sub-Investigators/Physician Referrals

St. Mark Clinical Trials

Sub-Investigators/Physician Referrals

St. Mark Clinical Trials is currently looking for sub-investigators/referring physicians to join our research team.  As a Sub-Investigator you would refer your eligible patients into our research studies and follow them clinically for the duration of their participation.  You would be directly reimbursed for all your time and effort following your patients within the study protocol.  Your patients would be seen in our clinic by our research coordinator and study physician(s) for all research related activities which would include (history and physicals, vital signs, labs, EKG’s, spirometric assessments (if applicable), and study drug dispensation and dosing).  Upon completion of the study visit you would receive an email from our study staff with all pertinent information collected at the research visit, you would review it, and provide your professional opinion regarding suitability of your patient to continue in the study and/or any concerns you might have.  You would never have to travel to our research site as all work could be done remotely over the phone and/or computer.

Benefits to your practice

  • Direct Compensation for each patient randomized:  You will be directly compensated by St. Mark Clinical Trials for each patient visit completed upon  your review of patient information collected at the research visit
  • Increased treatment options for your patients
  • Increased prominence in the medical/research community
  • Benefits to your patients
    • Free study medications
    • Free exams, labs, EKG’s, CXR’s, and spirometric assessments
    • Direct monetary compensation for their time and travel
  • No risk to your practice: Since SMCT is purely a research practice and does not see patients outside of research activities, SMCT will enter into a binding non-compete agreement to this effect.  Furthermore, clinical research visits are in addition to PCP/specialist visits, and as such you will not see your patients less often in clinic secondary to their participation in our study.

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